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lozni kalem rasad loza vino

Growing vines on the garden is the oldest method of cultivation. In the yard, near the house, him to individual plants or groups of a few plants. In the garden, the garden plot, it can be grown and several dozen plants, especially in a cottage next to the zones of major cities. Preparing the land for the cultivation of vines in the yard and the garden plot has a number of specifics.

After receiving coils and the beginning of the development of new shoots, access to their care contract to young plants that have reached a better development. To this end, the sealing is done, the processing of the surrounding land and the destruction of weeds, placing restraints and tying canes, protection from diseases and pests, fertilization and feeding stock. To which performs less chemical treatment against diseases and pests, the courtyards are planted varieties resistant stone noble lineage, or interspecific hybrids, which have complete resistance to fungal diseases.


The visit of Japanese agriculture in our plantations.



Represents one of the most beautiful varieties of vine grafts that do not require chemical protection


It is a great advantage when the fruit trees of the crew in the fall or early spring