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Offer seedlings :

Growing your own fruit trees can be very rewarding and save money too! Very quickly you will be able to start harvesting your own tasty fresh fruit, surely much better than any offerings from the shops, and the cost of producing it compared to buying from supermarkets is literally just a few pennies. We also think it tastes a lot better, as you simply won't get fresher than picking and eating your own. 

These tree are specially produced for commerical orchards to give super heavy yields on compact trees, and as such they are well suited to growing on the patio in large planters or in the garden. We only have limited quantities available in late Winter and early Spring of these special trees, so do order yours as soon as possible. Plant what the farmers plant, and get great crops. 

Growing trees is also an import thing to think about if you're looking at lowering your carbon footprint as every tree can absorb over a tonne of carbon dioxide over its lifetime.

Think of all the money you can save on fresh fruit over the years, and these really are one of the best bargains you can invest in. Too many trees for your garden? How about sharing around your friends, family and neighbours gardens?



Spools and grafting :


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There are several methods of grafting on mature, but in the nursery production mostly applied simply and English merge. Other ways of grafting on mature are most commonly used in grafting fruit trees. Simply connect the applied when the substrate and the coil-twig about the same thickness. First, the background makes slant intersection, then take pre-prepared excised twigs and make a slanting intersection from the opposite side of the well-developed buds.


The visit of Japanese agriculture in our plantations.


Represents one of the most beautiful varieties of vine grafts that do not require chemical protection


It is a great advantage when the fruit trees of the crew in the fall or early spring