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Our nursery is engaged in the production and sale of fruit trees and grapevine grafts with a tradition of over 30 years. Markets have always winning quality, as evidenced by our many customers. 
Seedlings of our range are certified category, produced by certified planting material obtained from own fields planted. 
Nursery all customers guarantee the accuracy of varieties. As healthy planting material, controlled by the Ministry of Agriculture several times during the year. 
We are located in the register of producers and provide each customer with all the necessary documentation for the exercise of incentive resources, that regulated by the Ministry of Agriculture. 
Extensive experience in nursery production, has led us to new technologies and knowledge, that I want to share with you.We are here at all times the answer to your question and request. 

--- Thank you in advance to future cooperation. 
--- Visit us and see for yourself the quality of our products.


___________PROTECTION OF FRUIT___________

---All the protection of fruit and vines


_________Seedlings and Plantations_________

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Our seedlings and plantation !!!


SHIPPING ------- fruit trees and vine graft 
Completely free to you! 

If you order larger quantities of fruit trees and grapevine grafts, we will gladly deliver to your home address for free! 

If you are interested in smaller amounts, the seedlings are sending you a quick mail with guarantees for the accuracy of the varieties and quality - for 48 hours!


The visit of Japanese agriculture in our plantations.



Represents one of the most beautiful varieties of vine grafts that do not require chemical protection


It is a great advantage when the fruit trees of the crew in the fall or early spring