- It is a great advantage when you are done planting in the fall because it gives plants a time period of two to three months to receive , ie . To achieve a functional link between the root system and the substrate , and all this at a time when soil moisture is optimal. Seedlings planted in the fall are progressing much faster than those planted in the spring .
Them in the spring does not need to be watered as greatly reducing the role of work for the establishment of orchards . At the end of the first growing fruit trees planted in the fall, and 50% developed than those planted in the spring . In the fall the choice of planting material much better , both in terms of assortment , and quality , as is always the first sell the highest quality.

What should pay particular attention when raising orchards ?
- In the case of orchards , primarily to perform chemical analysis of soils. According to the climatic characteristics of the area where they will be planted to make a selection of fruits . Prior to establishing plantations , based on chemical analysis should be done melioration fertilization , deep trenching plow at 50-60 cm , measuring of land and plan the planting of fruit trees , which are distances for each variety and a different surface . Selection of varieties for cultivation largely depends on the characteristics of the market and sales methods . You need to cultivate a high-quality varieties that will only take its rightful place in the modern organized market .

- How important is the use of virus-free planting material ?

- Planting of virus-free planting material is extremely important , first of all, with stone fruit . Viruses such as hinges, Prunus virus 7 , the limiting factor for growing plums , and greatly endanger the intensive production of apricots and peaches . Orchards based infected planting material is usually pave for the first two years , never to return investment , a disease transmitted to healthy surrounding trees .


- Planting fruit trees is best done in the fall , because sections of vessels callusing faster , seedlings are better provided with water faster and better received. In the winter, planting can be done if the weather permits and the soil is not frozen, but spring planting is best done as early as possible .

- Before planting the seedlings should be prepared so that all of the injured and of dried vessels shorten the healthy part of a longer and longer wires shortened to 15-20 cm .
- If the soil is well prepared ( plowed or undermined ) , dig a hole 40 x 40 cm and if fertilization takes place in a hole dig a hole 60 x 60 cm If planting is done on unprepared land ( wasteland ) dig a hole 80 x 60 cm .

- Fertilization in the hole is done so that the holes on the bottom of dying put manure ( 2-3 shovels ) and fertilizer (about 2 cup ), which is then ground to the roots with vessels do not come into direct contact with the fertilizer .


- Put a seedling in the hole , the root of the roots with soil , plants gently pull out so coiled place sticking two fingers above the ground , hit the right country at the amount of vessels and other countries back into the hole without stepping . In autumn planting is not necessary watering while in spring planting should be left slightly hollow about plants and all water with 8-10 liters of water .

- In the spring, it is very important that the plants violated , apple-like species at 80 cm from the graft site(apple , pear , quince , medlar ) and koštičave to 80-100 cm (plums , apricots , cherries , cherry , peach ) . Seedlings of peach and almond is also important that all laterals shortened to two buds !
Walnut is shortened is not shortened . Hazel is shortened to 40 cm from the ground , while the berry fruits such as berries and kiwi recommended shortening the 3-4 buds.
Cutting is done slightly obliquely above the bud , so that the slope section is the opposite of the bud and the leaves parce.


The visit of Japanese agriculture in our plantations.


Represents one of the most beautiful varieties of vine grafts that do not require chemical protection


It is a great advantage when the fruit trees of the crew in the fall or early spring